The Books I Read In 2013

Having read 50 books in 2012, I upped the ante this year. I still have about 200 pages to go of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and doubt that I’ll be able to finish it before 2014 steps in. So here is my list of books read in 2013. 83 in all – one book or rather 200 pages short getting the perfect average of seven books a month.

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes: You can never read too many novels… oh wait, maybe you can…

Though 83 sounds like an impressive number by all means, I’ve heard of people who read about 200 books in a year. But then, it’s never about the quantity but the quality of reading. There have been books I’ve have devoured within hours, some because they truly have been pacy and thrilling, some because I’ve wanted to get them done and over with. And then there have been many that I’ve purposefully gone slow with trying to absorb and relish the poignant, elegant prose. There have been books and characters – charming, endearing, ones that live with you long after the book has been read and shelved, and there have been books that don’t lift the literature quotient by even one miniscule iota. There have been books that I’ve gifted and recommended and and a few (three in all) that I couldn’t manage to read beyond 50 pages for they have been woefully inadequate in plot, content and language.

I’ve not been very choosy about my reading in 2013 and that is something I aim to correct in 2014. Even then, I have been able to pick up some gems amidst the Indian authors. Anees Salim’s Vanity Bagh has a kind of narrative and humour that brings you in right in the very beginning. Paritosh Uttam and Upendra Namburi are two writers I’ll be waiting to read more from in the coming times. Em And The Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto was one of my favorites in 2013. It really takes a rare talent to bring humour to an otherwise dark story. Also, loved the production quality and cover design – a brilliant step away from the norm by the publishers, Aleph Book Company.

So while I would always find Indian writers on my shelf, this year has also been a revelation of sorts. Japanese writers. I started with Haruki Murakami and was hooked. IQ84 comes close to being one of my all-time favourites. And then came Kazuo Ishiguro. His book Never Let Me Go is uniquely portable magic! Pegged as science fiction by many, it’s a kind of book that leaves you with more questions than answers. It’s a book about despair, about knowing the dark end but still letting lifelong relationships bloom and having hope till it lasts.

So if I were to put down my list of the top seven books I read in 2013 it would be as follows.

Top Seven
Wild: Cheryl Strayed
IQ84: Haruki Murakami
Never Let Me Go: Kazuo Ishiguro
The Rosie Project: Graeme Simsion
Vanity Fare: Megan Caldwell
Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn
The Cuckoo’s Calling: Robert Galbraith # JK Rowling

The top seven books read in 2013
The top seven books read in 2013











And here’s the complete list of 2013

January 2013
1. Delhi Stopover: Tulika Mehrotra
2. The Sari Shop Widow: Shobhan Bantwal
3. Dreams In Prussian Blue: Paritosh Uttam
4. The Masala Murder: Madhumita Bhatacharyya
5. Mumbaistan: Piyush Jha
6. That’s The Way We Met: Sudeep Nagarkar
7. A Mysterious Death At Sainik Farms: Rukmani Anandani
8. Mistakes Like Love And Sex: Madhuri Banerjee
9. Chapter Eleven: Amit Shankar

February 2013
10. 31: Upendra Namburi
11. Hot Tea Across India: Rishad Sam Mehta
12. Alchemy – The Tranquebar Book Of Erotic Stories II: Edited by Sheba Karim
13. Electric Feather – The Tranquebar Book Of Erotic Stories: Edited by Ruchir Joshi
14. The Accidental Apprentice: Vikas Swarup

March 2013
15. Almost Single: Advaita Kala
16. Johnny Gone Down: Karan Bajaj
17. Those Pricey Thakur Girls: Anuja Chauhan
18. Six Suspects: Vikas Swarup
19. The Test Of My Life – From Cricket To Cancer and Back: Yuvraj Singh
20. The Missed Call: Sidharth Oberoi
21. Girl Meets Boy: Ali Smith

April 2013
22. 55: Chetan Chhatwal
23. The Scalpel: HS Rissam
24. Vanity Fare: Megan Caldwell
25. Flight Of The Hilsa: Amit Shankar

May 2013
26. Foreign Body: Robin Cook
27. Serious Men: Manu Joseph
28. How To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia: Mohsin Hamid
29. The Other Side Of The Table: Madhumita Mukherjee
30. Disposable People: Ezekel Alan

June 2013
31. The Sea Of Innocence: Kishwar Desai
32. Confessions Of A Call Centre Worker: Kris Yonzone
33. Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn
34. And The Mountains Echoed: Khaled Hosseini
35. 34 Bubblegums And Candies: Preeti Shenoy
36. The Edge Of Desire: Tuhin A Sinha
37. Vanity Bagh: Anees Salim

July 2013
38. The Devotion Of Suspect X: Keigo Higashino
39. The Homing Pigeons: Sid Bahri
40. IQ84 Book 1: Haruki Murakami
41. IQ84 Book 2: Haruki Murakami
42. IQ84 Book 3: Haruki Murakami
43. Apple Tree Yard: Louise Doughty
44. The Thief: Fuminori Nakamura
45. The Salvation Of A Saint: Keigo Higashino

August 2013
46. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle: Haruki Murakami
47. Lost And Found In India: Braja Sorensen
48. Naoko: Keigo Higashino
49. The Srinagar Conspiracy: Vikram A Chandra
50. Tales From A Vending Machine: Anees Salim
51. Hotel Iris: Yoko Ogawa
52. Never Let Me Go: Kazuo Ishiguro

September 2013
53. Five Star Billionaire: Tash Aw
54. The Cuckoo’s Calling: Robert Galbraith # JK Rowling
55. The Calcutta Chromosome: Amitav Ghosh
56. Death In The Clouds: Agatha Christie
57. Norwegian Wood: Haruki Murakami
58. The Professional: Ashok Ferrey
59. A Degree In Death: Ruby Gupta

October 2013
60. Wild | A Journey From Lost To Found: Cheryl Strayed
61. Would You Like Some Bread With That Book?: Veena Venugopal
62. The October List: Death Comes First: Jeffery Deaver
63. Em And The Big Hoom: Jerry Pinto
64. Shantaram: Gregory David Roberts

November 2013
65. Coma: Robin Cook
66. B Is For Beer: Tom Robbin
67. The Remains Of The Day: Kazuo Ishiguro
68. A Walk In The Woods: Bill Bryson
69. Cutting For Stone: Abraham Verghese
70. Complications: Atul Gawande
71. Eighteen Plus: Bedtime Stories. For Grown-Ups: Apurv Nagpal
72. Into The Wild: Jon Krakauer

December 2013
73. Another Man’s Wife: Manjul Bajaj
74. The Rosie Project: Graeme Simsion
75. Scandal Point: Fahad Samar
76. 10 Days: Azharuddin
77. What Alice Forgot: Liane Moriarty
78. A Pleasant Kind Of Heavy And Other Erotic Stories: Aranyani
79. Keep Off The Grass: Karan Bajaj
80. Compass Box Killer: Piyush Jha
81. Delhi Is Not Far: Ruskin Bond
82. The Company Of Women: Khushwant Singh
83. Go Home Happy [The Serious Side Of Standup Comedy – Mini Book]: Nathan Timmel

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