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  • You’re Better Than Yesterday

    Aren’t you glad that you hate some of the work you produced years ago? Glad? Well, yes. Glad! It happens with most of us. The poetry we wrote when we were kids. The first logo we designed. The first ad we wrote. The screenplay that we thought was our calling in life. The first article […]

    By Arun Verma January 31, 2006 4 Comments
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  • The Old Man – Metal Scrapture Ashtray

    A 2005 creation. Materials Used: Construction rods, decorative rods, ball bearing, bowl, window latches. Dimensions: 25″x18″x9″ For Sale: Yes (Price on request) Available At: Creativegarh Art and Craft Gallery, 37A ShahpurJat, New Delhi 110049

    By Arun Verma January 30, 2006 8 Comments
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  • Procrastination And Other Stories

    Because creativity starts with wanting to be a better person. Wanting to create a better world to live in. Wanting to love and be loved for what you are. And sooner or later, this ‘want’ needs to turn into a passion. And once you’re passionate about what you do, you tend to start worrying. About […]

    By Arun Verma January 30, 2006 4 Comments
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  • Give back to the world’s creative community

    To keep your creativity alive and in turn everyone else’s, it’s a good idea to invest in the creativity of others. Give back to the world’s creative community by admiring (and paying for) the works of others. If you don’t, what right have you to expect others to pay for your creations.

    By Arun Verma January 26, 2006 8 Comments
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  • The answer

    The answer to your problem already exists. You need to ask the right questions to reveal the answer.

    By Arun Verma January 25, 2006 Leave a comment