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  • You Are An Everyday Creative Person

    Ever used a deodorant as a room freshener when your girl was visiting your bachelor pad for the first time? Ever used henna not only to paint your hands but also to give colour and bounce to your hair? Ever used lemon to add that tang to your salads? And then also to give brass […]

    By Arun Verma September 30, 2005 8 Comments
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  • Get Unacademic

    Mom tells you not to play with fire, but unless you don’t play with fire, how will you become a pyro artist? Your biology teacher asks you to draw a diagram of a heart and not waste time colouring it. If you don’t use colour, how will you become a painter? Your folks tell you […]

    By Arun Verma September 29, 2005 5 Comments
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  • There Are Many Excuses Not To Create

    Four years ago Ashmit, a chemical engineer by profession started writing as a hobby. Whenever he would get some time off from his busy schedule, he would sit on his desk… at home or office, and write. Just write. Anything. Poetry, papers, essays, short stories, horror stories. Words would flow from Ashmit’s pen day and […]

    By Arun Verma September 26, 2005 6 Comments
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  • Creative Discontent

    What you’ve just said is utter crap. Oh! This ain’t a good idea. It’s a good idea, but if you expect it to work, you’re fooling yourself. Sometimes, this is all it takes to kill a semi decent (or even a decent) idea or stop a flow of thought in its tracks – a barrage […]

    By Arun Verma September 23, 2005 1 Comment